Wednesday, January 19, 2011

. mother mother .

so fun. i love them. their lyrics are random and awesome.
brother and sister duo. sweet.

wrecking ball
you gotta see the artistry
in tearing the place apart with me baby
i am a rock a on top of the sand
i am a fist amidst the hands

burning pile

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:: she had a guitar, she taught him some chords ::

for my 6th birthday i got a purple camera with blue squares on it. my dad took me on a road trip across the USA and i took pictures of everything imaginable. i was hooked. time passed and i grew older and i forgot about my little obsession.
two years ago i picked up my little digital camera and realized how much i missed photography. so i got a summer job, saved up all my money, and bought a Nikon D60 SLR.
i haven't put it down since.

:: rummaging for answers ::

:: lovers ::