Tuesday, June 29, 2010

. steel train .

oh my. the clock struck twelve. my mouse struck purchase.
i love tegan & sara. duh.
sorry. i didn't mean to say duh.
but it's true. they are the root of my obsession with music. without t&smusic would mean little to me.
and yet. all those years ago. they convinced me the beauty of music.
so of course i've been to their concerts.
the last concert i went to with my besties - there were two opening bands.
both decent. actually. pretty awesome.
i went home and got some of the songs. but the ones i remembered loving most, i couldn't find.
so i didn't really listen to more than one or two songs.
two weeks ago. i happened upon their site.
and they announced the release of their new album on june 29th.
they had it posted on their site.
and there they were. the songs i fell in love with at the t&s concert.
the past two weeks have been torture.
but at midnight tonight. you better believe. i bought their entire album. seconds after it came out.

love these boys most. 

you better believe. i will be running around (most likely half dressed) screaming my lungs out and dancing to these songs for weeks to come.
and. i was sitting next to my mom (screaming) while i just downloaded this. she made me show her. she started screaming. no i kid. but. she made me download it to her ipod. she loves it.
and if she loves it. you will. guaranteed.

drown out your sorrows with:
you are dangerous
you and i undercover
i feel weird
turnpike ghost

bullet. by far my favorite.

you and i undercover

and guess what.
their new album (self titled) is coming out with a companion album.
every song the same, but redone by their favorite female artists.
get a load of this line up.

  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Tegan and Sara
  • Holly Miranda
  • Deradoorian
  • Alia Shawkat
  • Nellie McKay
  • Amanda Palmer
  • Greta Salpeter
  • Rachael Cantu
  • Charlotte Caffey & Astrid McDonald
  • Anna Waronker
  • Rachel Antonoff

Monday, June 28, 2010

. adrian lux .

i'm pretty sure you can track my mood by my blog. 
it's not intentional.
it's a little quirky.
but thank goodness. i am out of my depressing slow song phase. songs that slowly wrench your heart. and before you know it. you're crying. 
that's rachael yamagata and iron & wine in a nutshell.

but. overnight it seems. i have changed sides.
all i can listen to are songs that make me want to run around and dance and hug everyone i see. 
we'll start out slow. but brace yourself.
it's going to get euphoric in here.

adrian lux

yes i am aware this is another electro pop post. what can i say.
i heart dubstep.

teenage crime

Sunday, June 27, 2010

. little and ashley .

try and not be happy after listening to this song. 
i dare you.

little and ashley

stole my heart

yes. you have heard this before. 
amazon kindle commercial. yes?

Friday, June 25, 2010

. rusko .

i'm starting to get into electro pop. more specifically. dubstep
i don't want to talk about it. 
i've been dreading this day.


hold on ft. amber coffman
this is my ode to edc. going on in LA right now.
long live electro pop.
did i just say that.

Dubstep is a genre of electronic dance music. Its overall sound has been described as “tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals”.

. oren lavie .

i got hooked on this song a long time ago.
the video is incredible. i love stop motion art.

oren lavie

to me. this song is happiness.

her morning elegance

Sun been down for days
A winter melody she plays
The thunder makes her contemplate
She hears a noise behind the gate
Perhaps a letter with a dove
Perhaps a stranger she could love

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[ never let me go ]

for some reason. as of late. i have been craving books. any form of literature i can get my hands on i swallow whole. 
i've only been out of school four weeks. you think i would have lasted longer. and yet. 
in the words of my favorite {hottie} president TJ: 'i cannot live without books.'
my snister has an addiction with shoes. no matter what you look like, or how you feel, your shoes will always fit you. they're always there for comfort. when your fat jeans are too small, at least your jimmy choo's still love you. 

well. although i do love my sapatas, i can't help but feel this same way about books.
but the scariest part (showing signs of an addict here) is that i am not satisfied just checking a book out at a library. no. i have to own it. i have to be able to hold it in my hands and know it's mine. i go to barnes and noble multiple times a week to buy a new book (thank the heavens for a father who loves me and bought me a membership. discount baby.) in the kindest way possible, my mom sat me down today to start an intervention i know will continue. 
maja: 'now sweetie, do you really think you'll need all these books in college? (gesturing to the large sized home depot box filled to the brim with books) maybe you should just take a few favourites.'
me: 'mom. i cannot live without books.' (exit me...i have a feeling my argument wasn't as strong as i had hoped.)
i will stop here. you get the point. 

so the other day, whilst perusing some movie trailers, i came across a movie coming out called [ never let me go ]. a movie from a book. i had to get it. i did. i finished it. i'm in love.

{i also love how clean this book is. no swearing. nothing inappropriate. hard to find in a lot of modern books.}

it's one of those books that changes you over time. you're expecting one thing. 
maybe a dramatic climax that turns the characters you thought you knew into something completely different. or maybe a powerful love that makes your heart skip a beat. or it could be a mystery that makes you skip lines to get to the resolution. but.
you discover. it's none of those things. nothing jumps out at you. or confuses you. and in the end, you're left with a relationship with the main character that you value. and a great appreciation for life. for 'proper love'.
i love when at the end of the book, you're not left with a resolution, but a question. 
and with this book. the question you are left with, is the one you start out with. 
what makes us human? 

i'm going to stop talking now. for real. this post is a novel in and of itself. i'm sorry. i hope you just scanned through this to get the author's name. 
here it is.

[ never let me go ] by kazuo ishiguro

check out the trailer for the movie. no spoilers i promise.

{the trailer makes it look scary. it's not at all.}

Sunday, June 20, 2010

. snister .

many people have sisters. big sisters. little sisters. insane sisters. talented sisters. you name it. 
but no one. has. a snister. like mine.
bestie galore. 
try and out do me. not possible. and guess what.
today. she is twenty years old. 
i love that number. and i love her. 
i think they're going to be great together. 

. playlist for mine snister .
my sister - reba (don't mock. reba is the bomb.com.)

. wisdom .

it has been six days since the removal of my wisdom. teeth. and i still can only open my jaw enough to put baby bites in. and it bites. pun definitely intended. 
so here is my playlist. about my mouth. it's small. it's somewhat pathetic. 
but i love music. 

{please put both of these songs on repeat. you'll be a better person for it.}

Saturday, June 19, 2010

. la roux .

finally a little indie synthpop gets into mainstream.
la roux

not much of a smiler is she.

english synthpop duo. and they rock. eleanor jackson is the face you see. but co-writer and co-producer ben langmaid is a big part of what you hear. jackson wants people to know its 'very much a half and half sharing situation. . .even though it can look like a solo act'. whatever it is. it's incredible.

in for the kill
not your toy



warning. you're going to be obsessed. learn the words or you'll be killing the people around you with bits of chorus. em.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

. rhett miller & rachael yamagata .

yes. another rachael yamagata post. 
i love her voice. i love it even more when she sings with a man.

like rhett miller. 

i'm not anti country . . i just prefer to never listen to it. or change the song if it comes on. or leave the room. but now i'm biting my cheek and not saying a word. because even though it's not hardcore country. it's still got that twang. even though it's considered indie pop. yeah we'll say it's that. 
enough of me. 
listen to this.

fireflies - rhett miller & rachael yamagata

love the lyrics. for the last time, i'm not your mother. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

. emiliana torrini .

my heart is beating like a jungle drum.
i love when friends give me new music. especially. emily. because her music sense. is out of this world. 
get a taste.

guess what. she's icelandic. a first for this blog.
and iceland decided to put out a video advertising their beautiful country.
i guess people have been too afraid of volcanoes to go there?
come on people. volcanoes. really? 
go to iceland dang it. 
if you're not convinced after this video. check yourself. something's wrong.
anyway. the song to the video? it's by the incredible. emiliana torrini.

jungle drum -  emiliana torrini

just a warning. i'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. anything posted in the next weeks will be the results of painkillers. don't judge.

Friday, June 11, 2010

. metric .

 if you like stars. if you like tegan and sara. if you like yeah yeah yeahs. you'll love. 

canadian indie pop. of course. she's awesome.

fill your silence with:
help i'm alive
gold guns girls
gimme sympathy 
satellite mind
sick muse

[ speak ]

dear [speak] -
it's not because when i was in the sixth grade you were the most popular book to read that i love you. no.
it's not because you were on the required reading list that i poured over your words. page after page.
it's the way you made me cry when melinda couldn't look her mom in the eyes and tell her everything.
it's the way you made me laugh about the first ten lies they tell you in high school.
it's the way my heart hurt when rachel/rashell didn't believe you. or maybe.
it's the way i realized that i'd been holding my breath - paragraphs at a time. maybe that's why i love you. time and time again you took my breath away. thanks.

with all my love,
georgina florence

. [speak] playlist .
speak slow - tegan and sara
nobody's listening - linkin park
listen - an horse
a quite mind - blue october
the moment i said it - imogen heap
talk - coldplay
flightless bird, american mouth - iron & wine
she's hearing voices - bloc party
hear me out - frou frou
i hear noises - tegan and sara

Sunday, June 6, 2010

. azure ray .

who knew.
when i can't eat anything.
can barely drink.
nauseous and dizzy.
all i want to hear.
is azure ray.

Friday, June 4, 2010

. the weepies .

just the name got me hooked. 
i love saying it. 
also. as per-mentioned. i love bands with a man and woman singing. 
this is perfection.

what's even better? when these two met, it was music love at first sight. they loved how well they could play together. 
you better believe they got married after forming their band.
tannan and talan. with baby boy theo. love.
their second folk album say i am you, reached #1 downloaded folk album on itunes in over eight countries. impressive.
they're one of those bands you listen to and swear you've heard them before. you probably have. their music is featured on over a dozen tv shows. you've heard them watching greys, how i met your mother, one tree hill, scrubs, and much more.

they're adorable. love their music.

check out:
nobody knows me at all
can't go back now
world spins madly on
i was made for sunny days

doesn't hurt it's to one of my favorite movies.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

. florence + the machine .

it's not because this band is my own namesake that i love it.
i heard them a while ago. but forgot. until.
my sister kendall came down to my grad. the whole time she kept telling me to look up this amazing band.
i said i would get to it eventually. 
i should have listened sooner. thanks kendall. i love them.

i love this girl. she's got one of those personalities that attracts and entertains the masses. her debut album lungs was at the BBC number two spot for five weeks last year in British Columbia, and has since won many awards in the year since its release. 

check out these songs:
kiss with a fist
cosmic love
dog days are over

kiss with a fist

dog days are over
love this one. she's insane. and awesome.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

. eisley .

watch out. 
you're going to be hooked.
one of the best indie family groups out there.

this awesome group started when the fam was young. actually, stacey (the one on the right, my personal fave voice) was eight years old. her sisters wouldn't let her play music with them. so she locked herself in her room and came out with a song she wrote with the few chords she knew.
it took off from there, and they've been rockin ever since. sherry was actually married to the lead singer of new found glory for a while, but is now married to the lead singer of say anything.
anyway... great band. great sound. and guess where they're from?
not canada. not london. not australia. not even a foreign country. (well i guess it kind of is..)
they're from texas. crazy huh? i guess the great land is still spitting out some decent bands. yay.

what i love about this band is that they openly admit that they're still young (their bassist is 15!) and are learning and have a lot of room to improve. but come on. they rock. pun definitely intended. 

here's my personal fave song, trolley wood.

also check out:
brightly wound
i wasn't prepared
telescope eyes
marvelous things

don't mock. i'm still sick. i'm exiled to a couch with my computer and guitar. music is all i have.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

. holly miranda .

still sick. more band stalking.
this woman has such an incredible voice. 
fantastic live. i got to see her open for tegan and sara.
i like her acoustic work the best.

(former member of the jealous girlfriends..post soon to come)

:: she had a guitar, she taught him some chords ::

for my 6th birthday i got a purple camera with blue squares on it. my dad took me on a road trip across the USA and i took pictures of everything imaginable. i was hooked. time passed and i grew older and i forgot about my little obsession.
two years ago i picked up my little digital camera and realized how much i missed photography. so i got a summer job, saved up all my money, and bought a Nikon D60 SLR.
i haven't put it down since.

:: rummaging for answers ::

:: lovers ::